The Importance of Updating Your Website

Depreciated technology nearly crashes a company website.

Earlier this year, Fellswood Creative received a request to recreate a website that was built on technology that was depreciating, meaning the website in question would, at some point, no longer function. Challenge accepted!!!

Step 1 was to set up the new website on a solid platform where we were confident that the company would have great customer service as part of their hosting package. Since we knew we’d be using WordPress to run the site, Flywheel was a clear choice for hosting.

We recreated the existing design using a robust WP theme template and were able to complete the project in a very short timeline of a few business days.

Website maintenance is important!

One of the big take-home lessons here is true for any website. In most cases, you should not just allow your website to remain a static asset. This is the very first impression MANY of your potential clients or customers will have of your business. A common problem is a website looking outdated, but there is also the issue of the functionality of your site, which often requires updates.

One of the big reasons we choose WordPress to build our websites is that maintenance is fairly straightforward and can be managed either in-house by a business owner or employee with minimal training. Additionally, the popularity of WordPress is pretty good insurance it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

If your website is looking a little dated or you are noticing some glitches or functionality issues, give Fellswood a call or contact us through this form and we’ll figure explore some solutions!

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