Website Not Converting? How to 10X Your Landing Page Conversions and Attract Your Ideal Customers With the Psychology of Persuasion

As business owners, we spend a lot of time and money getting traffic to our websites. The problem comes when the website doesn’t convert.

A website, at a bare minimum, should be a conversion tool, whether that’s converting visitors to subscribers, to customers, whether online or in-store, or any number of other possible conversions. The key to that conversion is an engaging landing page that guides visitors to a desired outcome.

If your website visitors are landing on a page that isn’t designed with human psychology in mind, you may be missing out on big opportunities. Even a small shift in conversion rates could result in significant revenue increase. Take a lesson from behavioral science and tap into proven ways of motivating visitors’ decision making.

Knowing Your Audience – Defining your Ideal Customer

Landing pages that don’t speak directly to the buyer will struggle to connect and, therefore, to convert. To speak effectively to your ideal customers, you have to know who they are and why they are here (on your website).

Conduct Research – Talking to your ideal clients/customers is a great way to get this information. You can also rely on your history of working with your clientele to craft an ideal client profile, but interviewing will get you a lot more current, first-hand information.

Identify the following information:

  • Demographics – Where do they live, how much do they make, how old are they, etc?
  • Pain Points – What frustrations or fears are they experiencing?
  • Goals – what are they trying to achieve?
  • Decision factors – What is standing in the way of or driving their buying decisions?
  • Interests and concerns – What influences them? Where do they spend time online? What are their hobbies?

The more specific you can get about your Ideal Client, the more easy it will be to talk to them in your calls to action, your copy and, most importantly, on your high-converting landing page.

Identify the Pain Points, Solve the Problems

When you let your customers know you understand them, that you “feel their pain,” they are immediately more inclined to take you up on your offer. Make your offer the panacea for what ails them. The more clearly you can identify the problem and demonstrate that, not only do you fully understand it, but that you are also the one to solve it, the more likely the ideal customers who land on your offer page will work with you, buy from you, purchase your solution.

When you’ve got the pain points clear, put them in your content:

  • Place them in headers, addressing the problem you’re solving
  • In body copy, make it clear your solution SOLVES the problem/alleviates the pain
  • In your Call to Action (CTA) – promise the desired outcome (click here to cure your pain)

You are the ally your ideal customer needs. Emphasize this again and again, reassuring them that you are the one to remove obstacles that are keeping them from their desired outcome.

Make it Frictionless

Clearly directing your visitor’s next steps is crucial. Your page should center around one clear, unambiguous step you want your ideal customers to take.

  • Make your CTAs obvious and clear – leverage contrast, white space and design to draw the eyes
  • State what clicking the CTA achieves – promise a specific benefit or next step
  • Limit the goal of your page to one single measurable action – don’t confuse things; you need one, clear action with no other choices
  • Use pain points or benefits when crafting CTAs – speak to the visitor’s needs and goals

Benefit-driven CTAs perform best because they satisfy the reward areas within the prospect’s brain. Frame your requests around how they will help move visitors closer to their desired ends.

Final Thoughts

When you tap into the power of behavioral science on your landing pages, your business can experience remarkable conversion growth. By getting to know your audience and then speaking directly to their motivations, fears, frustrations and goals, you will better guide your customers through their buying journey. The ideal customers will be able to better identify you as their ideal match and this will propel your growth. Even small increases in conversion rates can yield big results over time.

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