When It Comes to SEO, Your Content is the Key

In the realm of SEO, one truth remains constant: good on-page content is paramount. Your web pages or articles serve as the foundation for effective search engine optimization. Every word displayed on your page contributes to search engines’ understanding of its purpose. Suppose you’re writing an article about fishing and attempt to express the concept of “fishing” using ten different unconventional phrases. In that case, search engines like Google won’t recognize the page’s relevance to the actual term “fishing.” While alternative expressions like “fish catching,” “fish nabbing,” or “hooking the fishes” might add intrigue, it’s crucial to prioritize the words commonly searched for by your target audience.

To ensure your content aligns with your SEO goals, it’s beneficial to establish a clear process. Start by answering the question, “What is the main point of this page or article?” Identify the key message you aim to convey.

Let’s delve deeper into an example related to fishing. Suppose you specialize in creating super cool fly fishing lures and wish to attract visitors to your website, where they can explore your how-to videos and purchase the materials you offer. Let’s refer to this as our “PAGE MISSION.”

Within this page mission, you already have a wealth of fantastic keywords and keyword phrases at your disposal, while others can be crafted with a touch of wordplay. Consider incorporating the following terms:

  • Fly fishing lures
  • How to make fly fishing lures
  • Fly fishing lures do it yourself
  • Fly fishing lure DIY
  • Make your own fly fishing lures
  • Materials to make fly fishing lures
  • Making lures videos
  • DIY lure making videos

While compiling your list, put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes and envision how they would search for your offerings on Google. Which precise words would they enter into the search field? If you need inspiration, you can make use of Google’s predictive search function. Begin typing relevant queries related to your topic and observe the suggestions that appear.

Now, armed with your keyword list, it’s time to create compelling content that incorporates some of these phrases. Remember to maintain readability and logical flow. If, upon reading aloud, the content starts to sound unintelligible or disjointed, it’s crucial to refine it. You can skillfully weave keywords and keyword phrases into the text, ensuring they blend seamlessly with the overall narrative.

Lastly, trust in your expertise. As the content expert, you possess valuable knowledge about your product, craft, or subject. Leverage this expertise to enrich your content, making it easily discoverable by individuals interested in the topic or seeking further information.

For years, the mantra has echoed throughout the SEO landscape:


And it holds true to this day. Content reigns supreme when it comes to achieving SEO success.

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